Ameripolitan Music Award Winners

Master Award: Ray Price

Founder of the Sound: Johnny Bush

Founder of the Sound: W.S. “Fluke” Holland

Musician “The Mooney Award”: Cindy Cashdollar

Western Swing Group: Asleep at the Wheel

Western Swing Female: Dawn Sears

Western Swing Male: Ray Benson

Honky Tonk Group: Heybale!

Honky Tonk Female: Rosie Flores

Honky Tonk Male: Wayne Hancock

Rockabilly Group: The Reverend Horton Heat

Rockabilly Female Rosie Flores

Rockabilly Male: Big Sandy

Outlaw Group: Whitey Morgan and the 78s

Outlaw Female: Elizabeth Cook

Outlaw Male: Unknown Hinson

Venue: The Broken Spoke

Festival: The Muddy Roots

DJ: Dallas Wayne

The Ameripolitan era has begun!

Ameripolitan awardsSome folks are already on the way!  This Sunday, it’s a special Ameripolitan Honky Tonk Chicken Shit Bingo day.  Ameripolitan Nominees, The Freightshakers, and James Intveld, join Dale Watson and his Lonestars at The Little Longhorn Saloon.

Then on Monday, Dale Watson is Joined by Whitey Morgan and the 78s, Sarah Gayle Meech, and the Dallas Moore Band for the Ameripolitan Outlaw night at The Continental Club.  Then on Tuesday, it’s the most anticipated award show in years….

The Ameripolitan Music Awards!!!!!!!!

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As part of the silent auction, Fender has donated an Ameripolitan Fender Cabronita Telecaster in Surf Green.  It can be signed by the artists and it will go to the highest bidder. bring your checkbooks Ameripolitan Fans!  This ax is a piece of history.

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The Ameripolitan Music Awards would like to thank:

Paul Schuamberger


Harmony High School, Art Class #3


David Henry, Videographer


 David Safely, Photographer


Chuck Wallace, Videographer


John Cearley, Photographer

Ameripolitan Sponsors: Nomad Sound, Sweaty Productions


248706_505285369515948_1417028884_n 467589_630323726995046_1618431026_o

Ameripolitan Sponsor: The Print Shoppe

austin-local-printerThe Print Shoppe has been in Austin Texas since 1987. They provide all the printing services for the Ameripolitan Music awards.  Click on the logo to check them out.

Are you ready?

Ameripolitan awardsIt’s just 6 days away!

Ameripolitan Sponsor: Fender Musical Instruments

thFender Instruments are a big reason why Ameripolitan Music sounds so good!  Now Fender is also a proud sponsor of the Ameripolitan Music Awards!